Clashed Chronicles #2: Investigating Wallet Wars | raw eht nioJ ⚔️

Clashed Chronicles #2: Investigating Wallet Wars | raw eht nioJ ⚔️


Ever stumbled upon “raw eht nioJ” on your feed and thought *** is that? Flip it around, and you get “Join the war”. And that, my friends, is exactly what we’re diving into today.

Welcome back to another edition of Clashed Chronicles. We’re all about exploring the latest entrants in the Web 3 gaming space, and today, it’s all about Wallet Wars. As always, remember that many details are still under wraps, especially given the team’s intriguingly cryptic approach.

Discovering WalletWars

Merging the nostalgia of classic Space Invaders with a blend of skill, strategy, and crypto economics, Wallet Wars offers a fresh take on arcade gaming. Powered by Balthazar DAO (See below)’s Babylon SDK, the game mirrors the real-world battles of the crypto universe, from dodging scams to seizing new financial opportunities. In fact, Wallet Wars is as much of a demonstration of their SDK technology as a game.

In just a few weeks since their social media debut, they’ve already amassed a following of over 20k on platforms like X. Their content? Well, it’s catching eyes, with tens of thousands of views in mere hours.

The team are generally creating a hype cycle through their unique slogan approach and engagement campaigns, no-one can deny it’s certainly working. If you don’t make noise you’ll only fade away in this space. That being said, we’re more than confident Wallet Wars isn’t simply “hype”, far from it.

P.S If you’re looking to get fully immersed, we recommend listening to their recorded spaces.

Behind WalletWars

The brains behind Wallet Wars? Balthazar DAO, which has already secured 5.6 million USD. With a valuation touching $60 million USD, they’re not playing around. While everyone has heard of Animoca Games, they have an incredibly wide range of investors in their pool.

John Stefanidis, the man at the helm, believes that digital ownership via Web3 gaming is the future and well, at Clashed we’re not debating it. Just look up the Call of Duty Warzone 1.0 debacle as to why digital ownership should exist as a concept.

Wallet Wars, similarly to Clashed, is focusing on skill-based gameplay rewarding players for their strategy, rather than ponzimonics. Woop Woop.

Wallet Wars Gameplay Features

Wallet Wars is creating dynamic gameplay where players can compete against others in numerous ways. While we’re yet to see gameplay, winning mechanics include high scores, game assets held and top referrals.

In their own words, “Wallet Wars also boasts a treasure trove of prizes that are as varied as our game mechanics! From stablecoins, and physical prizes to NFTs, and beyond, you’ll have all the incentive you need to give it your all. Unleash your skills, strategize wisely, and walk away with a bounty of rewards!”.

We all know incentives are important in Web 3 Gaming, lets hope that fun gameplay isn’t far behind. The team also mention there is a clear intention to avoid “numba go up” ponzenomics.

Token Dynamics & Airdrop Possibilities

Word is, BZR (Balthazar) token holders might soon have a say in the game’s direction. As the “Balthazar General” hinted on Discord, BZR is set to be a cornerstone in their ecosystem. This is further backed up when you consider their raise was at least partially through a token sale.


With Balthazar DAO’s cutting-edge tech, they’re certainly in a great place to deliver a genuine product here with Wallet Wars. It’s a no brainer, get involved and keep your eyes on the impending prize.

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