Clashed Chronicles: BurnGhost

Clashed Chronicles: BurnGhost


With Spooky Season on the horizon, diving into BurnGhost’s skill-based casual gaming platform felt like a perfect match. With $3.1M raised from VC’s, 5000 active players and given our own affinity for skill-based gaming at Clashed, we couldn’t resist exploring what BurnGhost has to offer in this Chronicles edition. Let’s get stuck in.

BurnGhost’s Vision

Emerging in late 2022, BurnGhost has long established itself within the Web3 Gaming industry. Operating on the Ethereum blockchain, it offers a skill-based platform where players can earn a range of digital collectibles including NFTs and crypto through provably fair casual gameplay.

The platform’s strength lies in its accessibility. With a minimal cryptocurrency entry fee, players can engage in a variety of games, from trivia challenges to strategic board games, and earn tangible rewards for their skills.

BurnGhost’s initial offering, Trivia, paved the way for community tournaments and learning incentives. This was followed by “TheFTX”, a strategic game that offers a fresh take on classics like Chess and Checkers. Other additions like Pinball, Ghost Run, and Slayground further diversified the platform, providing players with multiple avenues to earn tickets redeemable for prizes in their current beta which we’ll explore below.

BurnGhost’s NFT History

BurnGhost’s foray into NFTs began with the minting of 777 Genesis Passes, granting exclusive access to its ecosystem. This was succeeded by the BurnGhost Game Controllers, announced at their NFT.NYC launch party, a collection of 5,555 game devices that offer utility on the platform through an XP system.

The team has most recently teased an upcoming NFT release, the Bounty Box - 1000 supply, completely free, take a look at some of the details below.

The Team Behind BurnGhost

The team at BurnGhost is led by CEO Steve Curran, a former GameTek veteran. With stalwarts like Josh Grady and Ankur Gupta onboard, the platform is in capable hands and clearly communicate often via twitter spaces which is always great to see. Their recent seed funding round, which raised $3.1 million from @Draftkings, @BitkraftVC and @pillar_vc, is a testament to the industry’s confidence in their vision.

Beta & Whitelisting

On September 5th, BurnGhost unveiled its beta platform and the stage was set for participants to dive into a myriad of contests and tournaments such as pinball. Their Open beta is ongoing and you can join in here.

You can simply sign up, claim your free in-game arcade tokens and get playing. In the spirit of Web3 gaming, you’re of course being rewarded for your time! Climb the leaderboard and accumulate tickets to enter sweepstakes with a unique on-chain randomized selection to win both USDT and Whitelist prizes to their upcoming mint. The top 10 players on the leaderboard are always rewarded.

Also, if you’re a previous player of BurnGhost then your Arcade Coins from previous tournaments are still valid today.


We believe BurnGhost is certainly something to pay attention too if you’re a Web3 gamer. Enjoy the casual games, rake up the rewards and support a team that’s building in the bear with a clear vision.

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