Clashed Chronicles: Paradise Tycoon

Clashed Chronicles: Paradise Tycoon


Most 9-5 employees wait all year for a 1 week vacation, but now everyone can build their dream Paradise and become a tycoon year-round. And don't worry, your personalized island won't be pillaged or plundered by unsuspecting vagabonds, because this world is free of battling, invasions, and war. However, there is still room for some friendly and fun-filled competitions with your neighbors in this sandbox-style adventure!

About Paradise Tycoon

Pioneering new lands is no foreign concept to the team at Paradise Tycoon who are manifesting their vision to expand the blockchain gaming audience by introducing accessible download options, a comprehensible beginner guide, and intuitive gameplay mechanics. Although a Web3 game, new players will not be required to own Web3 assets to get started, making the onboarding experience easier than ever!

From humble beginnings players will begin their journey on Paradise Island which serves as a personal and isolated training ground for players to familiarize themselves with the game's mechanics before embarking on an expansive adventure to unlock the full game content by connecting to neighboring lands and minting their own unique island as an NFT. These islands, located in neighborhoods and divided into planes, are used by players for farming, crafting, foraging, building, inviting friends, all in the spirit of pure customization with higher-ranking lands providing enhance benefits.

Within this world is a thriving economy found in Port Ohana which acts as a central hub for trading, services, social events, and is home to a diverse group of interactive NPCs. Here, players have the opportunity to engage in trading with resources, items, and MOANI Tokens as incentives. And if you're feeling low-balled by the bots, feel free to visit the Auction House for some player-to-player trading.

Feel free to remain in the comforts of home and enjoy the safety & security of a vibrant island paradise. But for those who stand on the shoreline staring out into the vastness of the ocean deep, the Outworld awaits! Brave these new lands alone or with friends and take on new challenges, discover rare resources, valuable items, and even ancient blueprints. New friends and side quests are waiting in the Outworld...the rest is up to you!

Behind Paradise Tycoon: Team & Investors

Incubated by Seedify Fund and Backed by Immutable, Paradise Tycoon features a team with 70+ years of combined gaming experience and over 2 million installs.
Led by CEO Harri Karppinen, formerly responsible for the user acquisition of Hill Climb Racing Series with 2 billion installs, the alpha phase boasted 400,000 installs and 100,000 monthly active users and the project has garnered support from investors including Shima Capital, Zeeprime, Moonrock, Fingersoft, and others.

Mint Details

  • Supply: 1500
  • Price: FREE
  • Date: 3rd May, 2024
  • Chain: Immutable zkEVM

The ParadisePass Gold NFT is a non-violent alternative to a battle pass that allows players to unlock a variety of benefits - Let's have a peak:

  • The next evolution in the P2A model
  • Tier-based model including a free tier and exclusive tiers based on NFT ownership or ownership of rare, epic, or legendary islands.
  • Automatic entry into the ranks of GOLD tier
  • GOLD tier ranks earn MOANI Coins by completing daily/weekly tasks
  • MOANI Coin is the native digital currency allowing players to spend for in-app purchases, invest in your island's infrastructure, trade for goods and services, and ultimately enhance your experience as a paradise tycoon.


All of us are simply residents in the world of Web3 which can be an island that is incredibly difficult to not only enter, but also flourish upon. Paradise Tycoon has a simple solution to the complexities and stress of this volatile world by creating a universe that is simple to enter, easy to grasp, relaxing, but also incredibly engaging.

But the team also understands the need for rewards which is why their revolutionary Play-to-Airdrop model will be a passport for players to obtain various benefits along the way.

We would purchase this passport at a cost just to support the team's mission, but for the price of that's a treasure!

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