Clashed Chronicles: Play Ember

Clashed Chronicles: Play Ember


Today, we're investigating what's almost certainly a top 5 'Mint of the Year.' Yes, it's high praise, but rest assured, we don't say it lightly! As you've probably noticed from the title, it's none other than Play Ember.

Play Ember is Web3 Gaming Studio that launched a mobile game over three years ago, which has garnered more than 120 million downloads and maintains a monthly active player base of 5 million. Need we say more? We’ll be diving into the team behind the project, the games and what to expect in the near future. Strap in. 

Play Ember from the ground up

The mobile gaming company has to date achieved over 120 million downloads, maintained more than 5 million active players monthly, and has 750,000 active wallets each month. That's frankly ridiculous.

Currently, Play Ember holds a significant position in the Blockchain Game genre. It ranks among the top three based on the latest 30 days' data from DappRadar.

Several titles have been successfully launched on iOS and Android, showcasing the team's capabilities. Fans can try these out as a testament to what the team can achieve especially considering their recent whitelist methods.

Some of their released games have received a more than warm reception, with notable titles including Hyper Cards, which garnered 15 million downloads, Raft Life with 10 million downloads, and Superhero Race with an impressive 25 million downloads. These successes underscore the team's ability to create captivating and enjoyable games.

The team is currently focused on launching an NFT on January 25th and has hinted at developing multiple games, as well as releasing games in partnership with others. They aim to collaborate with well-known intellectual properties (IPs) and brands in the future to expand their brand.

Emby, the NFT character, will serve as a companion and is essential for participation in the ecosystem.

Bringing Emby to Life: The Team & Investors

Play Ember was founded by Hugo and Jon in 2021.

@JonHook - Jon created and successfully exited one of the first mobile ad networks. He has held key positions at gaming studios such as AdColony, BoomBit, and Homa Games. His collaborations include working with renowned brands like Audi, Hasbro, Paramount Pictures, and Warner Brothers.

@hugofurn - Hugo is an experienced developer in the free-to-play (F2P) mobile gaming sector. He has contributed to the development of over 20 games, working alongside leading publishers such as Voodoo, Applovin, BoomBit, and Kwalee.

Since 2022, Play Ember has been venture-backed, successfully raising an impressive $2.3 million in funding. This support comes from notable investors including:

  • Hyperithm
  • Shima Capital
  • Huobi Ventures
  • Big Brain Holdings
  • Lyrik Ventures
  • Warburg Serre

Emby’s Mint

The mint is scheduled for January 25, 2024, featuring a collection of 2,750 NFTs available for free. It's worth noting that the team is reserving 250 NFTs from this collection too.

According to the team, Emby will be the key NFT unlocking access to the entire ecosystem, and owning it will be essential for participating in all the upcoming games and events planned by the team. Sounds pretty good to us, especially for the price of 0.

Wen WL?

Naturally with the mint in just a week time is nearly up, however the team has recently launched the "Play to Whitelist" event, available for a limited time.

Members can earn Flames points by completing daily tasks and engaging in games like Raft Life and Hyper Cards. Accumulating Flames points is the way to get on the Embylist. For more detailed information, you can check out their website or dedicated info page.


There's no denying that this mint is the most anticipated of the year so far, and we'd expect the price action to match it. With an impressive array of games already launched and proven ability to build, we expect Play Ember to take the front seat and continue to grow as an entity going forward.

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