Clashed Chronicles: Polyverse

Clashed Chronicles: Polyverse


Hello and welcome back to Clashed Chronicles! It's been a minute since our last edition, but now that we're fresh from our mint, you better believe our keyboards are on fire, pounding out that sweet, sweet curated web3 gaming content.

GameFi is still the star of the show, enchanting players of every stripe with some pretty stellar titles across the board. With a treasure trove of projects to plunge into, today we're zeroing in on Polyverse, an upcoming MMORPG that's been brewing in the development cauldron for 2 years and is gearing up for an limited mint of 888 supply dropping soon.

Exploring Polyverse

Based on WAX blockchain and notably selected as one of the 21 node validators on Wax, Polyverse stands ready to take a shot at iterating upon the landscape of MMORPGs. Oh we do like MMORPGs.

Back in 2023, the Polyverse team attended the SiGMA Europe conference in Malta. Participating on the panel discussing "NFTs and Gaming: New User Experiences and Monetisation Models," they left the conference winning the Innovative Project Award that year - not bad eh. Now, the team is ready to meet the wider public at the upcoming AIBC Dubai this year, where they will present the developments of the project and demos.

While not much is yet known about their roadmap, we do know we’ll be "navigating the remnants of civilisations", and carving our destiny in the echoes of a fallen Earth, set in a dystopian future. Split into factions from Humans, Aliens, Cyborgs, Mutants, & Apes, we can expect a lot of dynamic and fun elements to make up the game.

Polyverse V1 is said to immerse players in a vibrant world with an intuitive tutorial and a multifunctional shelter for honing skills and crafting. Some of the features we can expect include:

  • Boss Challenges (5 Distinct Bosses granting resources for forging weapons)
  • In-game currency with the possibility of integrating tokens.
  • NFT staking for unlocking game access and rewards.
  • Improved NFT functionality highlighted in token sales.
  • Smooth blockchain integration for a more fluid gaming experience.

Behind Polyverse 

Under the leadership of Vittorio Conti, Polyverse showcases a premier team, composed of former Rockstar members and veterans who are said to all hail from esteemed AAA gaming studios.

Having secured backing of over $1.5 million from private investors, the ecosystem is reinforced through an impending token distribution (Details unknown)

Upcoming NFT Mint and Beyond

Still shrouded in mystery, the upcoming collection comprises 888 NFTs, with information on the release dates yet to be announced.

For now, interested members can apply to join their 'Shelter' community on Twitter, where more exclusive information will be revealed to the lucky chosen ones including WL spots. If you're here then you already know Clashed ran a giveaway for some of these coveted spots, of course.


Although plenty of details are still to be announced, we believe in backing Web3 games. Polyverse follows many of the traditional routes that we've all come to understand. Our advice? Go and join their community, see if it's a match for you!

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