Clashed Chronicles: MetaDOS

Clashed Chronicles: MetaDOS


MetaDOS is an up-and-coming web-based Battle Royale GameFi project with a couple of intriguing twists. The game integrates BR gameplay with the concept of time-as-currency, drawing inspiration from established titles such as Apex Legends and the film "In Time." With a focus on e-sports as a standard, the team endeavor to provide players with a unique and captivating experience that extends beyond conventional gaming concepts. Oh and a note for you degens, a free mint with attached token allocations sounds like a pretty good deal to us.

About MetaDOS?

Welcome to a space where time as a concept isn't just a measure of progression but a valuable resource and currency - talk about breaking the fourth wall. Central themes revolve around the strategic use of time in intense meta-battles, where players engage in battle with a wide variety of characters, from outlaws to soldiers, each possessing unique skills. These characters include the sharp-witted American Bounty Hunter Tether, the relentless Korean fighter Terra, the Japanese assassin Solana, and many more.

The game offers two distinct modes: The "Time" mode which immerses players in a traditional battle royale setting alongside and an alternative "war" type mode where teams compete for supremacy in large-scale battles from dozens to hundreds of contenders. With four main character types - Offensive, Tank, Tech, and Support - and an initial offering of 10 characters, MetaDOS ensures a consistently fresh gameplay experience.

Of course the Web3 elements are the reason we're here! The team have decided to to operate on the gasless DOS chain, an AVAX subnet, providing a swift and user-friendly experience with no fees. At the core of the economic model is the $SECOND token, resonating with the GameFi trend. The upcoming Token Generation Event (TGE) is set for Q1 2024, with several IDO pre-sales already concluded.

Behind MetaDos: Team & Investors

MetaDOS boasts a talented and world class team with proven experience behind successful game launches such as Heroes & Empires, Mobile Royale, Lords Mobile, etc. Combine this with Seedify Incubation and funding from DOS Ventures, the team are positioned more than well. The team raised an undisclosed seed round in 2022.

Mint Details

  • Supply: TBA
  • Price: FREE
  • Date: TBA
  • Chain: Avalanche

The MetaDOS Genesis Chest is limited-edition NFT that allows players to unlock a variety of benefits - Lets take a look:

1.    Tournament Access: Genesis Chest holders gain access to exclusive tournaments, providing opportunities for competitive gameplay and competition participation.

2.    Upcoming Mints Whitelist: Holders of the Genesis Chest are included in the whitelist for upcoming mints, ensuring early access to new in-game items.

3.    Upcoming Item Drop: Receive upcoming in-game item drops before general release, offering Genesis Chest holders a strategic advantage.

4.    Token Airdrops: Participate in the ongoing development of the MetaDOS ecosystem through token airdrops exclusively reserved for Genesis Chest holders.

Moreover, the Genesis Chest guarantees holders one of nine legendary skins valued at $20 or more, with a 1% chance of receiving a mythical skin valued at an impressive $1000 or more. As an extra incentive, each Genesis Chest includes an exclusive tournament ticket, providing an opportunity to compete for a share of the substantial $200,000 prize pool, equivalent to 10% of NFT sales.


Is this just another Web3 FPS shooter? That's up to you to decide, but we think you should certainly give it a go. The battle royale genre with an integration of time-as-currency is certainly an interesting mix.

Ultimately MetaDOS has undoubtably garnered a positive response from the wider web3 community, and with the utilities attached we recommend you try to grab a whitelist spot before their upcoming mint!

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