Clashed Chronicles: Storm Warfare

Clashed Chronicles: Storm Warfare


2024 is the year for Game-Fi and you know we've got you covered here at Clashed.

Kicking off our first 2024 edition of Clashed Chronicles, we're diving into a WWII-based trading card game that's taken the battlefield by storm. You've probably guessed it already – we're talking about Storm Warfare. A Seedify incubated project that's already seeing huge success from their recent playtest. We're set to explore the ins and outs of its Hearthstone like gameplay, the NFT minting process, and everything in between. Let’s get to it, soldier!

Storm Warfare on the Battlefield: Gameplay 

Storm Warfare emerges as a strategic, free-to-play card game set amidst the epic battlefields of WWII. Players immerse themselves in battles, collect unique cards, and exercise full ownership and control over their in-game assets. The game's diverse card collection is inspired by real WWII soldiers, events, and heroes.

Fostered by the Seedify Fund, a leading Web3 project incubator and launchpad, Storm Warfare offers players a rich selection of characters and maps, enhancing the battle for victory in this dynamic game world.

Victory in Storm Warfare hinges on more than just tactical prowess; it depends on the strategic composition of your deck. Players must thoughtfully build a formidable deck, a process that requires careful consideration and strategic planning. The integration of Dynamic NFTs further enriches the gaming experience, allowing players to evolve with each triumphant battle.

To craft a versatile deck capable of handling any situation, players should focus on making wise card choices, determining the ideal mix of event cards, and selecting the right commander. These decisions are crucial when entering into a PVP 1v1 battle against any opponent.

Experience the excitement first-hand and check out some of the live gameplay here.

The Commanding Team behind Storm Warfare

Storm Warfare is the brainchild of Janus Interactive, a London-based video game development studio established by seasoned industry veterans. These pioneers are at the cutting edge of integrating blockchain and web3 technologies into gaming. Positioned at the vanguard of the decentralization movement, their core mission is to create games that prioritize entertainment, accessibility, and benefits for all involved.

Cihan Ayan, the Co-founder and CTO of Janus Interactive, is the powerhouse behind Storm Warfare's advanced technologies. With over 15 years of experience in development and management, he's a key figure driving the game's innovation.

Additionally, the team includes a Chief Gaming Officer, Ali, who brings his own unique expertise to the table

Web 3 Elements: NFTs, Tokens, and Utility

Storm Warfare has recently embarked on its Open Beta phase, coinciding with a live tournament held from December 18th to 23rd. The tournament yielded impressive statistics, with notable metrics including:

  • Participation from 14,000 unique players
  • 220,000 matches played
  • 26,000 hours of gameplap

The game will offer players:

  • 10,000 AI-generated 3D avatars
  • 400+ collectible in-game cards
  • 100 legendary heroes 
  • 70 fact-based WW2 battleboards
  • 25 exclusive card back illustrations

Departing from the pay-to-win model, Storm Warfare focuses on rewarding players for their time and enjoyment. True ownership takes precedence, with players retaining absolute control over their digital assets, in-game items, and associated rights.

Storm Warfare brings forth an array of web3 features designed to ease the transition for web2 players, incorporating instructional tutorials and diverse game modes to prioritise user-friendly experiences.

To boost their fundraising and provide players true value, StormWarfare has announced their IGO (Initial Game Offering) of $JAN tokens via Seedify Launchpad, which presents a unique chance for enthusiasts, investors, and the gaming community to engage in the debut of Storm Warfare on the 22nd-23rd January. 

The $JAN token is the studio’s token which will power the Storm Warfare ecosystem. It's reasonable to expect that the token will play a role in offering in-game rewards and providing benefits to holders of NFTs from the Commander collection and other projects by Janus Interactive.

The two upcoming NFT collections are set to launch soon, with the first collection being on the ETH chain:

1. Genesis Commander NFT collection consisting of 1,000 Free NFTs. 

2. 10,000 Premium Commander NFTs available via marketplaces. 

WL anyone? 

Apart from the spots yours faithfully Clashed gave out, there are still some spots you can secure via the Questing system in Storm’s Discord, and also via the official Giveaway here, but be quick soldier, registrations close on the 15th January.


Storm Warfare surely displays significant promise as a project, demonstrating creativity through its innovative gameplay and offerings. Being incubated by the titan Seedify and made available through a free mint, this is a project that demands all eyes, and we recommend you have yours on them.