Clashed Chronicles: Diving Into Konami’s Project Zircon

Clashed Chronicles: Diving Into Konami’s Project Zircon


Did you know that 72.5% of major video game studious have embraced web 3 Gaming in some degree? Well, one of those major players is Konami, the Japanese powerhouse creators of blockbusters such as Yu-Gi-Oh!, Metal Gear Solid, Castlevania, PES (Original FIFA competitor) and many more. In March 2023, Konami decided to officially venture into the bear market as their trademark was filed for their first ever Web3 entry, Project Zircon.

Dive in with us in this weeks edition of Clashed Chronicles, enjoy!

P.S If you have a spare 30 minutes and prefer audio content have a listen to their Project Presentation at the Tokyo Game Show 2023 for a basic overview.

  • Website: Unreleased
  • Twitter: 7.5k+ Followers, 100–150~ Average likes per post.
  • Discord: 10K+ Members (18%- online)

Discovering Project Zircon

Project Zircon embarks on a venture into blockchain-based gaming, with a narrative set in a new virtual world and an active community engagement in its development process. The team articulates a goal to create an engaging gaming experience where users can partake in the creative process of constructing the game world. The exact mechanics of this collaborative initiative are yet to be revealed, but the team are providing relatively regular updates in the discord server.

In this world, all game characters are represented as NFTs, allowing users to own and customize their characters on the blockchain, the specifics of which are yet to be confirmed. During the project’s presentation, mentions were made about players having the ability to choose their in-game country, including deciding on details such as the flag and name within this new virtual domain. The team have been releasing Lore in their server.

An integral part of Project Zircon is an upcoming marketplace termed “Reseller”, aimed at facilitating the purchase of NFTs with Japanese Yen, thereby simplifying the NFT acquisition process for players. The objective here is to lower the barrier to entry for individuals unfamiliar with NFTs, drawing a parallel with how Reddit eased users into the Web3 domain through their Polygon avatars.

The broader vision for “Reseller” includes onboarding other gaming companies, expanding its scope beyond a singular project. The team also touched upon the potential of integrating NFTs into other services like membership programs and real-world assets. The core focus, however, remains on delivering a user-friendly service, making the transition into blockchain and NFT-based gaming a more accessible venture for the audience.

Behind Project Zircon

Well this is a simple section, It’s Konami. Konami are giants, generating 314,321 million yen ($2.3 billion) in the 2022–2023 financial year through their games.

This is an official Konami Project, so we can expect that a Web3 focused sub-division has been made within the company. Ultimately team leaders aren’t officially broken down and you shouldn’t get carried away that they’re going to hundreds of millions into this, but it’s worth your time.


To claim an “OG” role within the project, you simply had to post “Message to PROJECT ZIRCON” in a specified channel and your role was added.

This was available in September, and has since closed. The task was incredibly easy, we assume to reward early users in an initial first wave.

However, no further information has been released on how to gain access to the project yet so unfortunately we can’t be much help here. Collabs are not open.


In our opinion this is another you should definitely get involved with, especially after the allocation of the OG role. There’s likely more to come considering their focus on community involvement in their games.

As a general rule, it’s a no brainer to pay attention when major players enter the space and it’s incredibly healthy for everyone involved aslong as the mint prices aren’t out of touch (lets hope).

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