Clashed Chronicles: Vendetta Games’ Chalk River

Clashed Chronicles: Vendetta Games’ Chalk River


Howdy Cowboy, welcome back to another edition of Clashed Chronicles. Today, our spotlight shines on “Chalk River” by Vendetta Games. For those immersed in the allure of the Wild West, you’d appreciate the sentiment in Clint Eastwood’s words, “Things always look different from higher up”, and with Vendetta Games soaring high on everyone’s watchlist (ours included, make sure you check it out), the view is looking rather fruitful.

About Vendetta Games

Vendetta Games certainly have high aims. Their introductory title is a Wild West saga that mirrors the lawless charm of Red Dead Redemption with a good old Web3 twist. Inside Chalk River, no less than 7 ecosystem games will exist ranging from Poker to a zombie mode. Sounds familiar? It should do, because RDR is one of the best titles ever made and in our opinion there’s no harm in standing on the shoulders of giants.

From our understanding, the team has raised over $11M to make this dream a reality. Will that figure be enough to create such an ambitious title? Time will tell, ultimately there’s plenty of opportunity to raise further funds through their metaverse land sale and token raise. We’re hoping for the best!

Behind Vendetta Games: The Team & Investors

At the helm is the seasoned entrepreneur and CEO, Alex McConnell, surrounded by a cadre of crypto-savvy veterans, investors, and game developers who bring a wealth of experience from both the blockchain and gaming domains. The team also garners support and insights from notable industry figures like Jamie Thompson, the CEO of Vulcanverse and Elysium Blockchain.

Key Team Members:

  • Erik Olafson “E-Rock” (CMO)
  • James Carpenter “DangerMous” (Chief Design Officer)
  • David Bergman “Bergs” (Business Development)
  • Floyd X “Floyd” (Blockchain Specialist)

Tokens, NFTs, and the Path Forward

Vendetta Games are one of the few Web3 gaming companies attempting to implement dynamic NFTs, a concept we at Clashed back heavily.

Dynamic NFTs, also known as dNFTs can change over time based on various factors or conditions within the smart contract. For example, the dNFT representing the horse could have its metadata updated to reflect age, level, or other evolving attributes.

From illustrious belt buckles as a status symbol in the Chalk River metaverse to dNFTs representing characters and horses, the integration is certainly interesting. The Genesis mint, a limited collection of 888 NFTs, is just the tip of the iceberg with more intended to follow, likely acting as a Factory NFT and providing you with access to their five NFT characters.

$VDT Token

The in-game currency, $VDT, serves as a key to a treasure trove of in-game utilities and exclusive functionalities, deviating from the traditional “pay-to-win” model prevalent in Web2 gaming to a more equitable “stake-to-win” approach. With an initial supply of 28,000,000 and a max supply of 100,000,000, there’s going to be a lot of staking required! Thankfully there appears to be genuine utility behind staking:

  • Enhancing Weapons
  • Improving Skills
  • Breeding horses
  • Gaining in-game insights like clues, hints, secret maps, during in-game challenges, and more.

Plenty of reasons to lock up those tokens.

Whitelisting and Onboarding

Well, excluding the guaranteed and FCFS mints that the Clashed community received cough cough… you have a few other ways to get involved in the ecosystem!

Vendetta Games are initiating quests on Vendetta Games Zealy, ranging from general engagement tasks to quizes. These tasks are named as Gold Nuggets Quest to earn special Discord roles, and increase your chances in their Whitelist spot raffles. With a small supply we’re sure it’s not easy to secure your spot, but it’s worth a go!


As a gaming company ourselves we have to praise their ambition. The title seems exciting, with strong backing and a clear community developing. As a consumer you can’t go wrong with a free mint to enter their ecosystem, so definitely grab a cowboy hat and see where the wind takes you.

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