Clashed Chronicles: SERAPH: In the Darkness

Clashed Chronicles: SERAPH: In the Darkness


Welcome gamers, have you ever wanted to wander vast realms in a dark medieval fantasy setting, battling monsters with warriors and mages, collecting and adventuring? If your answer is a resounding yes, then we might just have something for you and honestly, the trailer has us hyped.

A spell has been cast, and today our focus is on ‘Seraph: Into the Darkness’, a free-to-play, 3D, ARPG loot game hosted on the Arbitrum chain that has left fantasy gaming fans spellbound. Diablo is clearly the key inspiration here and we’re loving it.

Seraph is the first entrant by Actoz Soft (Parent Company) into Web 3, a game developer & publisher based out of Korea building since 1996.

About Seraph: Amidst the Shadows

Seraph is a PC and mobile adventure role-playing game set in the realm of Seraphosia, a world brimming with adventure. If you’ve played ARPG games before you know how intense they can be but Seraph also focuses on immersive treasure-hunting elements.

Players take on the role of the protagonist, embarking on a journey to collect scattered seals and confront demons alongside the priestess Seraphine. Spanning three realms — human, heaven, and hell — the game challenges players to conquer difficult levels, master skills, and acquire advanced equipment through dungeon conquests against demons.

A variety of flexible character classes are available, including the Sorceress, Barbarians, and Valkyrie, with two more classes currently in development. Players embark on adventures in diverse locations such as Fjord Camp, Valley of Despair, or Church Jail. It’s said these characters progress and develop through gameplay, although we don’t believe they are dynamic NFTs for now anyway.

Web 3 Elements: NFTs, Tokens, and Utility

Seraph places a strong emphasis on its ecosystem, featuring its own customized wallet, the ActPass, and a marketplace to enrich the player’s experience. Players have the opportunity to own assets that they can forge, sell, exchange, or trade for cryptocurrency. The game offers the flexibility of making purchases with either cryptocurrency or traditional payment methods, effectively lowering the barrier to entry for Web 2 players.

Seraph in-game NFTs seem to have genuine value in-game due to their attached utilities tied to activities like collecting, gold farming, and breeding. More of this please!

$SRF Token

Powering the entire Seraph realm is their token, $SRF, which fuels the play-to-earn ecosystem. The token can be traded on-chain, used to craft in-game equipment, and participate in the governance of the token.

The breakdown of the allocation for their yet-to-be-launched tokens is as follows:

  • Team: 15%
  • Ecosystem: 30%, which is collectively owned by the community
  • Rewards for players: 20%
  • Advisor: 7%, which will be used for key partnerships
  • Marketing: 6%
  • Private sale: 18% The team is yet to confirm the final numbers as development is still underway.

Seraph Priority Pass

Back in June, Seraph aimed to ensure early supporters ventured into the Seraph ecosystem. With the release of 999 Priority Own-And-Play passes, holders could receive exclusive benefits and privileges within the game and beyond, most recently the 200,000 $SRF Airdrop Event. The floor collection price sits at a strong 0.8 ETH at the time of writing.

The Past & Future of Seraph: Genesis NFT & Chaos Legacy Playtest

Notably, through various playtests, the team has honed in on what players enjoy most: a captivating story and evolving characters. During their Alpha phase in April, which attracted over 4000 applications, huge rewards were on offer, with many early supporters being whitelisted for future NFT collections.

In July 2023, players enjoyed the closed Beta Phase, hosted on the BNB Testnet Chain. Here, early and keen players were rewarded with an airdrop $SRF. Beta NFTs, such as in-game equipment, could also be minted.

Looking to the future, the Genesis Mystery Box is the upcoming collection, a core asset of in-game items with various utilities including battle upgrades, seasonal skins, token farming yields, and more. The total supply is set at 3,000, with 999 reserved for Priority Pass holders. Set to launch on November 19th, the mint price has been revealed to be 0.06 ETH on the ARB Chain.


Simple process, join the community and get involved. Spots are rewarded to active members and collaboration/giveaways. You can find out more in their discord here (Make sure you’re in the server first).

Upcoming Playtest (November 22nd)

Shortly after the mint, Seraph plans to host another playtest, dubbed the Chaos Legacy. Genesis NFT holders will be airdropped a unique activation key to enter the game. This key will not be bound to the Genesis NFT and can be gifted to others for use. Expected to last roughly a month.


The brains behind the dark world of Seraph is the Korea-based Actoz Soft gaming company, in business since 1996. Having already successfully launched several renowned online games, including “1000 Years,” the Legend of Mir series, and LaTale, these titles have gained immense popularity in China, Japan, and North America, boasting over 600 million registered users worldwide.

Core Team

Over 60 developers (What?!) — Still fading anon?

  • Tobin — Founder & CEO: Distinguished CEO of a publicly listed company in Korea.
  • Joseph Lim — Chief Producer: Brings 20 years of game development experience, having worked on notable titles such as ‘Legend of Mir,’ ‘Yulgang Mobile,’ and ‘Dragon Nest.’
  • Victor Kwon — Chief Technology Officer: Leads the Programming Department with over 20 years of experience in game development.
  • Alan Chu — Technical Director (Blockchain): Former encryption and security specialist at Amazon and Google, responsible for the blockchain module.
  • Ken Choung — Tokenomics Lead: Well-known expert in tokenomics, overseeing the design of the economic system for the game.


Despite the hype, Seraph could be under-rated here. We’re loving the quality coming to Web3 gaming recently.

With a mint price of 0.06 we understand you might initially be put off of minting, but don’t take your eyes off of this behemoth. Seraph offers a game genre completely new in Web3 and we’re excited to see how it lands.

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