Clashed Chronicles: Exploring L3E7

Clashed Chronicles: Exploring L3E7


Interested in exploring a cyberpunk Metaverse that’s cloned the world? Of course you are, unless, of course, you’re here to snag a free mint, which, to be fair, is always a tempting offer.

ANYWAY welcome back to the third edition of Clashed Chronicles. Today, we’re diving into L3E7 and their Location Based Service game (Think Pokemon Go, although they also allow traditional gameplay too).

As outsiders looking in, the concept by L3E7 genuinely piques our interest. Although, as usual, there’s a lot of information still missing, including a website, they’ve crafted some seriously high-quality trailers and that’s always a great start, take a little look at one below.

  • Website: Unreleased
  • Twitter: 52k+ Followers, 13 Posts, 40–400K views per post.
  • Discord: 13K+ Members (25%- online)

Discovering L3E7

L3E7 appears to be a premier gaming platform, offering an immersive Earth-like experience powered by cutting-edge location-based services. Through its advanced rendering engine which utilises google maps, a ‘Parallel World’ comes alive catering to a diverse gamer base.

The adventure beckons as you embark on quests, engage in epic battles, and interact in real-world shops for rewards like utility coins and governance tokens. With over 50 heroes to choose from, 10,000+ virtual cities to explore, and a vast collection of 20 million NFT mounts, L3E7 has a lot about them. Their public beta is expected by the end of 2023, but not confirmed. We imagine the beta would be a secluded section of the map but we’re always open to being pleasantly surprised.


L3E7 have several mints incoming:

  1. A free genesis mint. 600 Supply. Benefits include revenue sharing, airdrops on future NFTs and their token, of course.
  2. A PFP collection of heroes, usable in-game & stakeable. Likely paid.
  3. Their version of a land-sale, whereby you can purchase e.g. buildings from the world.

This is all STC and drawn from information online, not the team via a direct interview.

Behind L3E7

A seasoned team steers L3E7, with a track record of developing a top LBS game that raked in over $400 million in revenue and amassed 30+ million registered users. The ensemble includes talents from renowned studios, reflecting a blend of expertise and passion.

Their portfolio isn’t shy of bragging rights, featuring over 50 games developed since 2009 with credits on high-profile titles like Monster Hunter, Diablo IV, and For Honor. It’s a blend of seasoned experience and innovative vision driving L3E7 forward.

Blockgames Standout Features Real Earth Map Data and Renders is a core feature where L3E7 shines. Meticulously rendering every nook and cranny of Earth in 3D, they’ve married map technology with game engines, delivering a groundbreaking 3DLBS gaming experience that stands as their core technological innovation. Below you can find a breakdown of their systems.

Whitelisting & The $NEXALIUM Token

The route to whitelisting is rather long, with a four step pathway ensuing before unlocking the conqueror (whitelist) role — We’ll run through these steps below after discussing their token which is integrated into the WL.

$NEXALIUM is their off-chain currency, earned through community events, giveaways, creating content and a couple of other ways. Ultimately you need to collate some of this token for your whitelist:

  1. The accumulation of 750 Nexalium individually which gets you the Initiated role, This is the major process which you would normally need to complete to gain a whitelist in most projects, as described above.
  2. Find four others with the initiated role and form a crew. At this point you can begin to earn $CCN (Collective Crew Nexalium). You need 20000 CCN to progress, combined as a crew.
  3. Join an exclusive presentation with the founding team. We have no idea how this scales but it sounds good in principle. The crew gets a direct communication with the aim of getting deeper understanding of the project. This earns each crew member the Augmented role (Pre WL)
  4. Fill out an application form to apply for Wl (Conqueror role)

We have mixed opinions about this approach but it’s very obvious why the route is so commonly walked. It’s tough to get genuine engagement and eyes on your project even if you’re as highly rated as L3E7 appears to be.


We love projects that go the extra mile, especially those focusing on unexplored sectors of the gaming industry. To our knowledge, there are hardly any Location-Based Services (LBS) Web 3 games out there, and this concept has resonated with many people worldwide.

The team behind L3E7 has a solid reputation, making it a project worthy of your attention. Although, be prepared, as their Whitelist (WL) process is quite lengthy if that’s your goal.

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