Clashed Chronicles: Embarking on the Forge Journey

Clashed Chronicles: Embarking on the Forge Journey


There is no denying that we’re excited about this one. “The future of gaming” is an incredibly over-used and often a frankly irritating term to web 3 gamers, but in this circumstance we believe it might be different.

Welcome back to Clashed Chronicles, where we dive into new and exciting gaming companies that enter the Web 3 space. Today we’re exploring Forge, but please do bear in mind that a lot of details are still TBC.

The Forge Vision: Beyond Gaming Profiles

Forge’s mission is to create a seamless narrative of a player’s gaming journey by consolidating their gaming profiles into a unified identity. This cohesive profile is not just a digital reflection but a passport to rewards and a richer gaming experience. The ambition is big, gamers love to flex. Why can’t you use one identity across all your gaming platforms, showcasing all of your gaming history?

The Trailblazers: A Trio of Visionaries

Leading the charge at Forge are Dennis “Thresh” Fong, Kun Gao, and George Ng, each bringing a wealth of high level experience from the realms of gaming, technology, and entrepreneurial ventures that have been acquired. Their advisory board is stacked and their investors even bigger. A couple of high profile inclusions:

  • Sony
  • RIOT Games
  • Animoca Brands
  • Numerous others

We all know that a good product is one thing, but the team behind it is even more important. Something we would like to note is that the Forge team are clearly big on brand vision and a real emphasis on creative. We highly recommend listening to this 10 minute video from Nick Carpenter. Fundraising figures do not appear to be disclosed.

The Forge Day 0 Badge: A Commemorative Embrace

Come Monday, October 16th 2023, Forge will release the exclusive Day 0 badge, a symbolic gesture for early community members mintable for free. With a total supply of 3,333 badges, each bearing unique properties, it’s a venture to foster early engagement and has worked incredibly well. The badge not only represents a member’s early allegiance but is a key to unlock unique perks on the Forge platform once it goes live. Unfortunately, but to be expected, this date is unconfirmed. We recommend listening to their upcoming AMAs for the inevitable release.

Game Partnerships: A Curated Palette

The essence of Forge’s reward system hinges on its collaboration with indie game developers. The platform is meticulously curating a roster of indie games, ensuring a spectrum of quality experiences for its community. The rewards, a blend of in-game content, gift cards, and even brand new PCs, are a testament to Forge’s commitment to enriching the gaming journey. There is a reason their X posts include genuine Gaming content; Clip requests, gaming set-ups. This is a company made by gamers, for gamers.


We have an enormous amount of respect for what Forge is building and love the concept. This is definitely worth your attention, with an incredible team with a history of delivering.

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