Clashed Chronicles: Army of Fortune Metaverse

Clashed Chronicles: Army of Fortune Metaverse


In this weeks edition of Clashed Chronicles we’re exploring a gaming project with 3.5M+ TikTok Followers, $3.5M raised, an impending free mint and token. Yes, we’d like to think you’ve read the title — It’s Army of Fortune Metaverse!

We all love games that focus on fun alongside the financial mechanisms, and a free, fun-filled game from the creators of Hay Day and Clash of Clans is a pretty good starting point! Speaking of starting, lets get going.

About AOFVerse

The AOFVerse is a gaming metaverse platform with multiple games emerging. Currently, their plans include the Army of Tactics debut title (A Web2 soft-launched tactical auto-battler on IOS & Android) and Army of Fortune (Scheduled for a full Web3 release in 2024).

As we mentioned earlier, the AOFVerse team has long since built a strong IP through their TikTok platform with several widely recognisable characters taking centre stage with millions of followers/likes. It’s these characters where the Web3 elements begin to emerge!

Army of tactics will be integrating their TikTok characters as NFTs alongside two tokens utilised in-game that we’ll discuss further.

To learn more about their actual games we recommend reading this comprehensive guide here.

A Formidable Team & Backing

Z3 Bros, the studio behind AOFverse, boasts a more than capable team, including early founding members of Supercell and the hugely popular Clash of Clans. At the helm are:

  • Zhao Zeng: Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • Wayne Lu: Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
  • Karri Wang: Chief Operating Officer (COO) of AOFVerse
  • Komal Amin: Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

To make it all possible, the team has raised just over $1 million in the last couple of months. Prior to this, they raised $2.5 million via a seed round, placing them in a comfortable position to build out the initial scope of their metaverse. With an incoming token sale there will inevitably be more scope to continue building.

Web 3 Elements: NFTs, Tokens, and Utility

Demigods NFTs

In the AOFVerse metaverse, Demigods are the inaugural NFT acquired through Crystal Forge treasure chests in gameplay. These Demigods come in five rarity levels: Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Champion.

Owners can stake their Demigod to become a clan leader in-game and earn $AFG (Army of Fortune Gem) through activities like participating in lending or trading NFTs and engaging in clan battles.

Demigods feature cross-game interoperability, allowing them to move seamlessly across different games within the AOFverse. Winners of the sought-after Demigod NFTs will gain access to future benefits, with specific details to be disclosed later.

Army of Fortune Coin: $AFC Tokenomics

$AFC, operating on Arbitrum, is the primary in-game utility token. Players can earn $AFC through battles, island management, and quest completion. In-game, $AFC is used to upgrade heroes, build islands, burn for treasure chests in the Crystal Forge, and acquire Demigods NFTs.

Army of Fortune Gem: $AFG

$AFG serves as a governance token within the ecosystem, giving players stakeholder roles to influence its future through proposal creation and DAO voting. It is also crucial for obtaining Treasure Chests, elevating islands, and enhancing rare Demigods within the game.

The official launch of $AFG is slated for Q1 2024. OG members had the privilege of participating in their private sale during the first and second rounds, with the third round now live until November 24, 2023. Participants in the private round receive locked $AFG tokens that are non-transferable until the official launch.

  • $0.07 Price per token (ETH)
  • Total Supply: 1 Billion $AFG
  • Fully diluted valuation of $70 Million
  • OG Co-builder role required

Future Plans & Whitelisting

The team is preparing for their free NFT launch, with supply and date details still to be confirmed. Whitelists for their incoming mint can still be secured by completing various tasks within the server, such as Engage quests, Galxe, and more.

Looking ahead to Q1 2024, we can expect the rollout of the closed beta phase of Army of Fortune, followed by several more games.


It’s great to see more established Web2 IPs entering the Web3 mobile gaming space. Considering their set up discussed above and their mint being free, it’s well worth adding to your watchlist.

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